Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Raise your media profile & increase your chances of being spotted by the TV industry

Over the past two weeks, I've outlined the 10 Steps to Becoming a TV expert. In Step 7 I highlighted the importance of joining online directories of experts and shamelessly plugged the fact that being on findaTVexpert is a great way to raise your media profile. And here's the proof: some of the latest experts who've been found on the site and booked for screentests, interviews and other media opportunities.

1. Donna D - Psychologist: Personality, Behaviour & Sex: filmed for the pilot of a new TV series re security.

2. Cate M - Love Coach: approached by Big Brother's Little Brother re appearing on the show, screentested by the BBC for a new series and interviewed by Men's Fitness re dating tips for men.

3. Abigael S - Doctor of Clinical Psychology: interviewed by Men's Fitness re the World Cup. How football means so much to us as a nation and how we react to losses.

4. Audrey D - Food Scientist, Nutritionist and Omega 3 Expert: screentested by Betty TV (and coincidentally by someone who used to present a show I produced at L!VETV. Small world.)

5. Vena R - Tantric Sex and Romance Expert: contacted by a literary agent who spotted her in one of my updates to the industry (see copies here) and by Big Brother's Little Brother (Endemol). If you want to be a TV Expert, writing a book is very important. Find out why in Step 3 to becoming a TV Expert. Read it here.

6. Terri B - The Stress Doctor: interviewed for Prima & Men's Fitness magazine. (Step 8)

7. Caroline T - Gardens: designer, writer & broadcaster: did a day's filming with Mark Three Media.

8. Jonathan T - Sport, music and film memorabilia: contacted by Plum Pictures.

9. James L - Scientist: Biological + Natural History: in discussions with Darlow Smithson re a series for Animal Planet and is doing a podcast with Pulse-Project.

10. Ian C - Obesity Expert: liaising with Endemol re a CBBC series. Idea has been pitched. Fingers crossed.

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