Monday, December 3, 2012

Experts Catching the Eye of the TV Industry

Congratulations and good luck to all the experts below who were found on findaTVexpert recently. They've been contacted by a cross section of the industry including Love Productions, UKTV, PeakTime TV, JA Digital TV, Cineflix, Blackstar TV, Leopard Films, Cause a Scene Films, SpunGold, Angst Productions, More magazine, Real People, BBC Radio Sheffield, BBC WM, BBC Five Live, BBC Radio Cumbria and Tangerine PR. Some had introductory chats and screentests - which will hopefully become commissions - and others were booked and filmed for TV appearances, radio interviews and press opportunities.

Steve H, Dog and Owner relationship exper
Phil P, Glacier scientist Physical Geographer Expeditione
Martin P, Presenter, History Broadcaster & Castle Exper
Sam F, Fat Loss Expert & Health Activist
Stephanie M,  Nutritional Therapist & Health Coac
Jheni O, Science Journalist: Natural World & Sports Scienc
Fatemeh R, Consultant Physiotherapist & Back Pain Expert
James L, Scientist: health, biology + natural history
Mark C, London Expert: History, Travel & Tourism
Nathan R, Journalist & Presenter: Weather & Consumer Affairs
Niki S, Home & Lifestyle Designe
Paul B , Pest Control: Rats, Wasps, Pigeons, etc
Becki H, The UK's People Whisperer: Human Behaviour Expert
Emma S, Biologist, Science Writer & Adventurer
Eugenia C, Snr Lecturer: Pure Mathematics
Ceril C, Style Guru: Homes, Life & Style for Less
Stuart G, Mortgage Expert & Adviser
Gina N, Private Investigator: Business & Matrimonia
Richard M, Psychologist: Trauma & Abuse Specialist
Philippa T, Female TV Builder: Building & Renovation 

To increase your chances of being found by the TV industry and contacted by a member of the media, do what these experts have done and register on  Use this link to get started.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Who inspired you the most this year or made a difference to your life: your university lecturer? Your personal trainer? Your business mentor? Your marine biologist friend who followed their dream and encouraged you to follow yours? That doctor/dentist/designer/chef/astrologer/explorer/vet/physicist who gave a talk at an event you attended recently? Your boss? A work colleague?

Could their knowledge, expertise and passion inspire other people? And do you think they’d be great on TV?

If your answer’s yes,, the online database of experts for TV and the Media, is giving you the chance to nominate them for a year’s free membership (worth £175) on

Simply email the following to by 6.00pm on Monday, 31st of December 2012*:

1. A couple of paragraphs explaining how the expert you’re nominating has inspired you or changed your life – and why you think they could inspire others and be great on TV.

2. A copy of your nominated expert’s CV.  Or a link to their professional online profile. (The expert you nominate must have the skills, qualifications, training and experience to prove they’re an expert in their field of business.)
3. Your contact number – and a contact number for the expert you’re nominating.

The nominations will be judged by Claire Richmond, TV producer and founder of and the winner will be announced w/c Monday, 7th of January 2013.

Terms and conditions:

1. The competition closes at 6.00pm on Monday, 31st December. Nominations received after that time will not be considered
2. To be eligible, the expert you nominate must be an expert in their field of business with the skills, training and qualifications to prove it; over 18 and a UK resident. And they must not have any previous criminal convictions.
3. Proof of age and eligibility of the expert you nominate may be required.
4. All eligible nominations must be received via email and contain a couple of paragraphs explaining how the expert you’re nominating has inspired you or changed your life; why you think they could inspire others and be great on TV; your contact number; a contact number for the expert you’ve nominated and a copy of their CV which outlines their employment history and the training/qualifications that prove they’re an expert in their field of business (or a link to their professional online profile which has the same information)
One nominated expert will be chosen as the winner by founder Claire Richmond and contacted w/c 7 January 2013.
6. If the nominated expert accepts the prize, his or her details will be announced w/c 7 January 2013 on the findaTVexpert twitter page (; the findaTVexpert blog (; the findaTVexpert facebook page ( and other online media.

7. findaTVexpert bears no responsibility for entries which dont make it into the competition because theyve been blocked or identified as junk email, spam, etc.
8. findaTVexpert will not acknowledge receipt of any nomination that is sent in and will only contact the winning expert.

9. Nominations that fail to meet the eligibility criteria or otherwise fail to meet these terms and conditions will not be entered into the competition.
10. The prize is a years free membership on, which gives the nominated expert the chance to create a searchable Profile & CV and be promoted to the TV industry.
11. The winner will have until the 31st of January to register their details on Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the prize and findaTVexpert reserves the right to award the prize to the runner up.

12. There is no alternative prize or cash equivalent and the prize is non-changeable and non-transferable.  
13. By entering this competition you agree to comply with these terms and conditions.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

BBC Academy, Broadcast & FindaTVexpert

I'm delighted be involved with this project as my mission is to bridge the gap between the professionals and the programme makers - and help get new & inspiring faces on TV. Click here for the full story.

If you're a female scientist, historian, politician, engineer or business women, scroll to the post below and send in your application.

And if your expertise is in another area - please help us spread the word to colleagues and friends who are in history, science, politics, business and engineering. Because if this first training day is an overwhelming success,  hopefully more will follow. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

BBC Academy Female Experts Training Day

findaTVexpert is working with the BBC Academy on a media training day for female experts in Science, History, Politics, Business & Engineering.

The aim is to help boost the representation of female presenters in certain areas of the media.

This is a fantastic opportunity for female experts who want to put themselves forwards for TV and Media opportunities.  So read the below, sign up now if it applies to you - and help spread the word on twitter, facebook, etc.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Expert Testimonial: Dr Abigael San

"Being listed on findaTV expert creates many opportunities and keeps my work interesting and varied."
Dr Abigael San, Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Monday, September 24, 2012

TV Tip: The Make or Break Phone Call

When production companies are on the hunt for experts - for last minute studio interviews or ongoing development projects - they'll put together a list of potential experts and start making calls. How you come across in that phone call will determine whether or not you go through to the next 'phase'.

Think of it as your first interview.  It's as simple as that. They've clearly read your details somewhere (on findaTVexpert, on your website, on google, etc) and it's now down to your personality.

So as soon as you know that it's a TV production company on the end of the line, lose your formal, 'telephone' voice. Put a smile in your voice and answer the questions as succinctly, passionately and enthusiastically as you can.

And if they've caught you at a really bad time, let them know in the nicest way possible. Then take a phone number and agree when to call them back.  That phone call could get you on TV. So make it work for you.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Expert Testimonial: Kate Faulkner

"Thanks for getting me to where I am. Genuinely wouldn’t have had the confidence or ‘stickability’ to do this without you!"

Managing Director

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Experts being found by the TV industry on findaTVexpert

In the past few months, the experts below were found on and contacted by a range of different media & TV production companies including Two Four, RawCut TV, Fever Media, Mentorn, Betty TV, Renegade, Lion TV, October Films, a BBC Features Producer on the hunt for new talent, Ricochet, Remedy Productions, Sideline, ITV/Channel 4 News, Maverick TV, Red 24 Management (TV Agent), Dianne Banks (literary agent), a freelance journalist for Fate & Fortune Magazine and More magazine. Some chats will lead to bigger and better things. Others will go quite. It's just the way it is. Find out why at my 'Understanding the TV PRogramme Making Process' seminar (October dates to be announced soon. Keep an eye out on twitter - @findatvexpert; on facebook and on Eventbrite.)
Charlotte O, Personal Trainer, Fitness Presenter
Karen K, Raw Food Expert + Food Personality Types Expert
Pippa S, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist
Cate M, Love Coach
Sarah M, Molecular Scientist: the human body
Georgina B, Life Coach, Personal Trainer & TV Presenter
Nick H, Scientist: Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
Samantha K, Dealing with Your Daughter's First Period
Annie A, Confidence Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist
Edel M, Consultant Clinical Psychologist (child & adult
Jon B, Residential Property and Estate Agency
Henry P, Buying & Selling Propert
Abigael S, Doctor of Clinical Psychology
Eugenia C, Snr Lecturer: Pure Mathematics
Rod H, Engineer: Electric Pavements to Space Satellites
Martin C, Neuroscientist + Public Science Presenter
Rebekka B, Design Engineer: Products to Counter-Act Terrorism
Jacky N, THE ANGEL LADY, Angel & Afterlife Expert, Author
Jennifer E, Chocolate Expert + Food Developer
Zoe C, Mathematician: Technology & Innovation 
Andy J, Dating & Sex Expert + Adventure Journalist

Monday, September 3, 2012

Free, online TV Expert training seminars

As part of my commitment to help get new faces on TV, I run three seminars for experts who are interested in being considered for TV opportunities:

1) Could you be a TV Expert & How to Catch the Eye of a TV Producer
2) How to Shine on TV (so that you get booked again)
3) U
nderstanding the TV Programme Making Process.

The seminars are held every month. They're free, they're an hour long and they're online. All you need is the time, a computer (so you can see the slides) and a headset with a microphone - or a standard phone. But places are limited (12 max p/seminar) and must be booked in advance.
So if you want to understand the TV programme making process, find out how to catch the eye of a TV producer and learn how to shine on TV, book your ticket now.

For more information/to book your ticket, go to and keep an eye out on twitter @findatvexpert and facebook for future dates.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Who's Britain's favourite TV Expert (current or of all times)?

Experts/Expert Presenters are in high demand because they bring passion, authority and credibility to a show. They make programmes come alive.  So my question is this: who is Britain's favourite TV expert?  Here are some names to get the ball rolling: David Attenborough, Maggie Aderin Pocock, Brian Cox, Monty Halls, Mary Beard, Gordon Ramsay, Mary Berry, Jamie Oliver, Gareth Malone, Nigella Lawson, Kevin McCloud, Lorraine Pascale, Gok Wan, Jo Frost,  Kirsty Allsop, Phil Spencer, Alan Titchmarsh, Charlie Dimmock ...?  The list goes on and on.  Add your names in the comment box below. And if there enough names, I'll issue a press release!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

findaTVexpert: TV IndustryTestimonials

I think provides a fantastic service - but I set it up so I'm slightly biased. So as findaTVexpert has just celebrated it's fourth business birthday, I asked some TV people what they thought. Here's what they said ...

Jacqueline Hewer - Head of Daytime, Leopard Films
"Happy 4th Birthday!  It's a well-deserved celebration. The genius of this website is that everyone on it wants to be on the telly, so as a programme-maker, I can by-pass all those long, pointless conversations trying to persuade someone to appear on camera. The showreels mean I can see whether someone has what it takes before you even make contact. And thanks to Claire's brilliant service and genuine TV experience, all the experts know what being on TV entails, they know what will be expected of them, and they want to do a good job. Congratulations on a successful first 4 years."

Barbara Altounyan - Director of Programmes,
  "Whenever we hatch a new format we don't celebrate as you'd expect. We groan loudly .... who could possibly present this show and anyway where are our charismatic experts to underpin our impossibly ambitious premise? Since Claire started her fantastic website we heave a sigh of relief, there's surely someone on her list who fits our brief! Of course there is. Where would be without Claire Richmond?"

Katie Boyd - Features Commissioner,
Channel 4

"Claire has self-started a fantastic online resource. In the ever flourishing world of factual television there's always a need for new experts. And with great enterprising spirit, Claire saw this need and created a platform which easily unites TV producers w/ potential experts at the click of a button. Congratulations Claire on such great initiative. Congratulations findaTVexpert on 4 successful years.
May there be many more!"

Nicola Ibison -
Head of Factual, James Grant Management
"Happy birthday findaTVexpert. You're a treasure trove for any TV company seeking the next big factual name."

Damon Pattison - MD,
Lucky Day Productions

"Happy Birthday! I can't believe you're only 4 - you look a lot older. All the time and worry that you have saved me finding experts has added years to my life!"

Helen Dower - TV Exec,

"Happy 4th birthday findatvexpert. Four years of promoting some of the best new talent around. Here's to many more years of providing expertise in the industry and continued success for one of the top media tools in the business."

Hugo Ward
Head of Current Affairs, Raw Cut

"Happy Birthday findaTVexpert. 4 years eh... what did we do before you were around? It has been a revelation working with Claire and her wonderful clients; a revelation that has made my job so much easier. FindaTVexpert is a reliable hub where you can always find quality contributors. Many happy returns - I look forward to working closely with you in years to come."

ark Murphy - MD, etv
"If the internet made every researchers job much easier, Find a TV Expert made it much better, providing a much needed quality filter. For etv it's now an invaluable time and money saving tool. So, Happy 4th Birthday to all the team, and may there be many more."

Reem Nouss
- Reem Nouss Media
Happy Birthday to Claire and! You've been a pioneer in this area - well done on another successful year!"

June Ford Crush - TV Agent"Congratulations Claire on your 4th birthday. You are a now a permanent fixture in the industry and your success is well deserved.  Agents can't take on experts all the time and you provide a very valuable service to both new and established talent."

Paul Woof
- Head of Development, Maverick

"FindaTVexpert is a terrific service and each bulletin is full of interesting people. I look forward to it going from strength to strength!"

findaTVexpert: Success Stories

I set up four years ago to help bridge the gap between the professionals and the programme makers. And it's working. Here are the names of some of the experts who've been found on findaTVexpert  and signed up for different TV opportunities.

Roy B, Art & Architecture: signed up as one of the expert judges on Lucky Day Productions' Show me the Monet series for BBC2. Filming for the second series has finished and will TX in the summer.

Dr Anita S, GP w/specialist interest in Dermatology: signed up as the Doctor Presenter on Series 2 of betty's The Joy of Teen Sex for Channel 4.

Rob B, Engineering, Adventure & Extreme Sport: currently filming a new engineering series for BBC2, due to TX in the Autumn.

Sian A, Lady Builder, Interior Design, Landlord, Property: currently filming a new propery/DIY show for Channel 5 for TX in the summer.

Ben H, Award Winning TV Designer & Renovation Expert: signed up as one of the designers on RDF's Renovation Game for Channel 4.

 Mike E, Medical Historian, War Wounds & Trauma Surgeon: booked as an expert contributor for Channel 4's Crusaders: Back from the Dead, BBC2's E Numbers: an Edible Adventure and BBC South's The History of the World: Alfred the Great.

 Janet T, Tapping for Weight Loss, Anxiety & Depression: went head to head with another expert in Channel 4's Who Knows Best: Fighting the Fat.

 Roger S, Residential & Commercial Property Expert: has been an expert contributor on This Morning, BBC News and the BBC's Don't Get Done Get Dom.

Dr Abigael S, Doctor of Clinical Psychology: was an expert contributor on Sky Real Lives' War on Fat and has worked behind the scenes accessing contributors for Endemol's Supersize vs Superskinny and new Secret Eaters series for Channel 4.

Phill W, Hands on Restoration & Sustainable Building Expert: signed up as a judge on BBC3's new 'Young Carpenter of the Year' series which TX'd earlier this year.

Lady Lesley C, Aristocratic Tamer: Horses, Cattle & Kids: booked as an expert contributor for Endemol's Superscrimpers: Waste Not Want Not series for Channel 4.

Sean B, Confidence & Communication Expert: booked as an expert contributor on Channel 5's The Vanessa Show.

Sarah M, Molecular Scientist: the human body: booked as an expert contributor on Plum TV's E Numbers: an Edible Adventure for the BBC.

Craig H, Classical Historian: presented several features for BBCs Inside Out.

Victoria G, Dr. of Counselling Psychology & Coach: booked as an expert contributor on Sky Living's ChickFix, Channel 5's Live with Gabby and Channel 5's Extraordinary People.

If you're an expert - and if you want to increase your chances of being found by the TV industry - do what these experts have done and click here to register on

And if you want to find out how the TV programme making process works, how to shine on TV and how to catch the eye of a TV producer, come along to one of my free, online, lunchtime seminars. Click here for dates, details and to reserve your place.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

TV Training for New TV Experts

I wrote a comment piece for Broadcast magazine recently regarding the importance of briefing experts before they're live on TV. It was in response to Broadcast's campaign to get more female experts on TV.

If you read the article - click here - you'll see that I made a committment to offer free, online How to Shine on TV seminars for new experts. And I've kept it.

So in addition to the already popular 'Could you be a TV Expert' seminars, I'm now presenting 'How to Shine on TV' seminars and 'Understanding the TV Programme Making Process' seminars.

I'll be doing one of each every month - and I've just confirmed the April dates.

For more information and to reserve your free place, click here.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

More Female Experts on TV

Broadcast magazine is the TV industry's bible. It comes out every Thursday and everyone who's anyone in TV reads it. I've been trying to get into Broadcast ever since I set up findaTVexpert in 2008 because it provides such great exposure for the business - which benefits all the experts on it.

But as I'm not a TV production company or a channel, it's not easy. So I've had a couple of mentions, but nothing major. However, Broadcast launched a campaign to get more female experts on TV in February and I've been in touch with the deputy news editor ever since.

We finally met up last Friday and she asked me if I'd like to write a 500 word opinion piece for today's issue. I jumped at the opportunity and, as a result, I'm in today's print and online issue.

Click here to read the article.

Most articles can only be read if you're a subscriber but mine is 'free' and with any luck it will be read by thousands of key decision makers within the TV industry, which will put findaTVexpert even more firmly on the map.

So this is a great day for me (because I've been trying to get coverage in Broadcast for so long), for the business - and for you all the experts on findaTVexpert (male and female!)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

TV Experts: the industry has to know you exist

If you want to be considered for TV & Media opportunities, TV & Radio producers, journalists and PRs have to know you exist. It's as simple as that. If they don't know you exist, you won't get a call. So the more ways they can read about you, hear you and find you, the better.

Being on is one of the ways to promote your expertise to the media. (To find out what else you can be doing, read my 10 Steps To Becoming a TV Expert here. )

Below is a list of some of the experts who have been found on findaTVexpert in the past few months and been contacted by members of the media (TV, Radio, Press & PR) regarding different TV & Media opporutunities.

Kerry D, Consultant Forensic Psychologist
Sophia C, Urban Lawyer, English Barrister, UnderCover Mother
Domonique B, Successpert: Getting the most out of your Life
Louise T, Skin & Beauty Therapist
Roger S, Property: Residential and Commercial Expert
Jessica R, Power of the Mind & Transformational Coach
David M, Gadgets and Technology Expert and Writer
Dr. Ellie C, NHS GP, Health Writer & Broadcaster
Dr. Anuradha A, Practising GP and Medical Journalist
Cate M, Love Coach
Monah M, GP, Medical Journalist, Cosmetic Doctor
Martin C, Neuroscientist + Public Science Presenter
Shaun A, Author, Public Speaker, Ex-Convict
Roy B, Art & Architecture
Amana W, Emotional Makeover Coach
Rowan B, Hands on Property Developer and Property Finder
James L, Scientist: health, biology + natural history
Matt R, Marine Biologist
Danielle C, Face Yoga Expert & Natural Anti-ageing Guru
Rebecca S, Psychologist, Dating Coach, Sex Therapist
Abigael S, Doctor of Clinical Psychology
Stuart G, Mortgage Expert & Adviser
Dr. Victoria G, Dr. of Counselling Psychology & Coach
Mandy K, Psychologist: Abusive Relationships, Dating
Tracy K, Influential & Opinionated Property Finder & Expert
Laura H, International Early Childcare Expert
Joanne R, Food Addiction, Eating Disorders, Spirituality
Dianne B, Age Management Specialist and Late Career Coach
Cat Y, Social Media for Business, Politics & Pleasure
Zoe & Carey, Get out of your Rut Experts
Caroline G, Speech, Voice & Confidence Teacher
Deborah J, Historian: Toys & Women Inventors
Karen G, Natural Skincare & Fragrance Expert + Retailer

If you're an expert and you want to increase your chances of catching the eye of a TV producer, do what other experts have done and register on

Click here to join now.