Monday, December 3, 2012

Experts Catching the Eye of the TV Industry

Congratulations and good luck to all the experts below who were found on findaTVexpert recently. They've been contacted by a cross section of the industry including Love Productions, UKTV, PeakTime TV, JA Digital TV, Cineflix, Blackstar TV, Leopard Films, Cause a Scene Films, SpunGold, Angst Productions, More magazine, Real People, BBC Radio Sheffield, BBC WM, BBC Five Live, BBC Radio Cumbria and Tangerine PR. Some had introductory chats and screentests - which will hopefully become commissions - and others were booked and filmed for TV appearances, radio interviews and press opportunities.

Steve H, Dog and Owner relationship exper
Phil P, Glacier scientist Physical Geographer Expeditione
Martin P, Presenter, History Broadcaster & Castle Exper
Sam F, Fat Loss Expert & Health Activist
Stephanie M,  Nutritional Therapist & Health Coac
Jheni O, Science Journalist: Natural World & Sports Scienc
Fatemeh R, Consultant Physiotherapist & Back Pain Expert
James L, Scientist: health, biology + natural history
Mark C, London Expert: History, Travel & Tourism
Nathan R, Journalist & Presenter: Weather & Consumer Affairs
Niki S, Home & Lifestyle Designe
Paul B , Pest Control: Rats, Wasps, Pigeons, etc
Becki H, The UK's People Whisperer: Human Behaviour Expert
Emma S, Biologist, Science Writer & Adventurer
Eugenia C, Snr Lecturer: Pure Mathematics
Ceril C, Style Guru: Homes, Life & Style for Less
Stuart G, Mortgage Expert & Adviser
Gina N, Private Investigator: Business & Matrimonia
Richard M, Psychologist: Trauma & Abuse Specialist
Philippa T, Female TV Builder: Building & Renovation 

To increase your chances of being found by the TV industry and contacted by a member of the media, do what these experts have done and register on  Use this link to get started.

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