Monday, September 24, 2012

TV Tip: The Make or Break Phone Call

When production companies are on the hunt for experts - for last minute studio interviews or ongoing development projects - they'll put together a list of potential experts and start making calls. How you come across in that phone call will determine whether or not you go through to the next 'phase'.

Think of it as your first interview.  It's as simple as that. They've clearly read your details somewhere (on findaTVexpert, on your website, on google, etc) and it's now down to your personality.

So as soon as you know that it's a TV production company on the end of the line, lose your formal, 'telephone' voice. Put a smile in your voice and answer the questions as succinctly, passionately and enthusiastically as you can.

And if they've caught you at a really bad time, let them know in the nicest way possible. Then take a phone number and agree when to call them back.  That phone call could get you on TV. So make it work for you.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Expert Testimonial: Kate Faulkner

"Thanks for getting me to where I am. Genuinely wouldn’t have had the confidence or ‘stickability’ to do this without you!"

Managing Director

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Experts being found by the TV industry on findaTVexpert

In the past few months, the experts below were found on and contacted by a range of different media & TV production companies including Two Four, RawCut TV, Fever Media, Mentorn, Betty TV, Renegade, Lion TV, October Films, a BBC Features Producer on the hunt for new talent, Ricochet, Remedy Productions, Sideline, ITV/Channel 4 News, Maverick TV, Red 24 Management (TV Agent), Dianne Banks (literary agent), a freelance journalist for Fate & Fortune Magazine and More magazine. Some chats will lead to bigger and better things. Others will go quite. It's just the way it is. Find out why at my 'Understanding the TV PRogramme Making Process' seminar (October dates to be announced soon. Keep an eye out on twitter - @findatvexpert; on facebook and on Eventbrite.)
Charlotte O, Personal Trainer, Fitness Presenter
Karen K, Raw Food Expert + Food Personality Types Expert
Pippa S, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist
Cate M, Love Coach
Sarah M, Molecular Scientist: the human body
Georgina B, Life Coach, Personal Trainer & TV Presenter
Nick H, Scientist: Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
Samantha K, Dealing with Your Daughter's First Period
Annie A, Confidence Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist
Edel M, Consultant Clinical Psychologist (child & adult
Jon B, Residential Property and Estate Agency
Henry P, Buying & Selling Propert
Abigael S, Doctor of Clinical Psychology
Eugenia C, Snr Lecturer: Pure Mathematics
Rod H, Engineer: Electric Pavements to Space Satellites
Martin C, Neuroscientist + Public Science Presenter
Rebekka B, Design Engineer: Products to Counter-Act Terrorism
Jacky N, THE ANGEL LADY, Angel & Afterlife Expert, Author
Jennifer E, Chocolate Expert + Food Developer
Zoe C, Mathematician: Technology & Innovation 
Andy J, Dating & Sex Expert + Adventure Journalist

Monday, September 3, 2012

Free, online TV Expert training seminars

As part of my commitment to help get new faces on TV, I run three seminars for experts who are interested in being considered for TV opportunities:

1) Could you be a TV Expert & How to Catch the Eye of a TV Producer
2) How to Shine on TV (so that you get booked again)
3) U
nderstanding the TV Programme Making Process.

The seminars are held every month. They're free, they're an hour long and they're online. All you need is the time, a computer (so you can see the slides) and a headset with a microphone - or a standard phone. But places are limited (12 max p/seminar) and must be booked in advance.
So if you want to understand the TV programme making process, find out how to catch the eye of a TV producer and learn how to shine on TV, book your ticket now.

For more information/to book your ticket, go to and keep an eye out on twitter @findatvexpert and facebook for future dates.