Friday, September 11, 2009

Success Stories

findaTVexpert continues to do what it set out to do: help experts get onto the industry's radar and the media's map. Below are some of the most recent success stories:
1. Stephanie Moore - Nutritionist, Health & Stress Coach: has done a screentest for Endemol (for a C4 show) and is doing a screentest for Flame TV.
2. Sue Hayward - Money, Consumer, Shopping & Property: has just done some filming for BBC Watchdog for the new series.
3. Dr Abigael San - Doctor of Clinical Psychology: interviewed by Daily Telegraph journalist re Jaycee Lee Dugard case - read article here - and contacted by Endemol to assess suitability of two contributors who want to appear on a show about food addiction.
4. Hannah Beecham - The Expat Money Expert: booked as a guest on BBC's Working Lunch last week.
5. Rowan Black - Hands on Property Development & Mortgages: has done a screentest for the BBC.
6. Agnes Chii - Science & Technology: is meeting a development producer at the BBC next week.
7. John Gregory Smith - Cook, food prep & recipe writing: has done some filming for UKTV's Market Kitchen and is doing a 'viral' Bacardi Mojito ad.
8. Sarah Pennells - TV&Radio Money & Consumer Expert: interview with Glamour re Credit Crunch.
9. Richard Fenton - Debt Doctor: interview with Glamour (as above).
10. Jean Smith - Social Anthropologist & Flirtologist: did a piece with Bliss magazine re celebrity body language.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New TV Experts, New TV Ideas

I can't believe it's been over a month since I last blogged. August came and went in a busy flash and brought a lot of new experts and ideas - all of which I'm passing on to the industry. To see a copy of my most recent updates, click here.