Monday, October 18, 2010

TV Screentest Tips

A successful TV series need great talent and a great format. So screentests are crucial to the process. Make yours a good one and chances are you'll get through to the next stage of the development process. Here are a few tips that will help.

1. Look like your photo. That's the person they're expecting to see.
2. As you're going to be filmed, wear colours & clothes that flatter you and make you stand out.
3. Prepare! Define your USP and understand the market. (Read Steps 1 & 2 of my '10 Steps to Becoming a TV Expert). The production company might not know exactly what they're looking for. So make sure you give them a clear idea of what you do and how you do it. Remember, they'll be thinking from a TV point of view. How will what you do look on TV? Think of examples of people you've worked with & things you've done. Paint the picture & get across your passion.
4. If they like you, your half hour chat will probably get edited down to a one minute taster tape which they'll show to the commissioner. So have a few one-liners/key points up your sleeve. And remember to pause at the end of each one so the editor can cut it in.
5. Increase your energy by 50-100%. Get across your passion. Really switch it on. And engage your body: lean forward, use your hands and SMILE! Remember that in any screentest you'll be up against many other experts like you. And once the 'expertise' box is ticked, it's all down to personality.
6. There's a huge difference between coming across as passionate and coming across as desperate. Make sure you're the former!
7. Practice. Digital cameras and mobile phones all have filming options. Get a friend to ask you a few questions about what you do and see what you look like on camera.
Good luck.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Could you be a TV expert? That's what the industry wants to know.

The TV industry is always on the hunt for experts, ideas and the next 'big thing'. That's why more and more members of the industry are registering on find a TV expert and getting experts in for a chat or screentest. Here are some of the most recent experts who have had that phone call.

1. Kim I, Leading Fitness & Mental Strength Expert

2. Sean B, Confidence Coach

3. Maria M, Motoring Journalist & Publishing Expert

4. Rasheed O, Lifestyle Coach - Motivational Speaker

5. Domonique B, Successpert: Getting the most out of your Life

6. Steve T, Personal presentation & non-verbal communication

7. Jane W, Life Change Expert

8. Jessica R, Performance Expert & Transformational Coach

9. Richard R, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Charisma Coach

10. Andrew W, Fatherhood and Modern Parenting

11. Alison B, Getting a job: interviewing technique, CV, etc

12. Susie P, Get happy, change your life & get on track fast

13. David Y, The Power of Language: How Words Change Lives

14. Amana W, Coach: find your personal X factor and stand out!

15. Alex B, Master Brewer, Beer Sommelier & Flavour Expert

16. Jennifer E, Chocolate Historian & Guide + Food Developer

17. Dr Gemma N, Medical Doctor - GP in West London

18. Dr James L, Scientist: Biological + Natural History

19. Sarah M, Dog Trainer, Dog Behaviourist, Gundog Trainer

20. Rebecca P, Hair & Beauty Salon Makeovers and Internet Mktg

21. Debbie C, Behaviourist: Pets, Livestock, Child/pet safety

22. Dr Victoria G, Doctor of Counselling Psychology & Life-Coach.

Good luck to all of them!

Do you have what it takes to be a TV expert? Do you want to promote your passion and expertise to Heads of Development and Heads of Talent? Then do what other experts have done and join!