Monday, March 21, 2011

Testimonial from Cate Mackenzie

You can't beat a great testimonial. And this one, from findaTVexpert's Love Coach Cate Mackenzie, made me blush!

"Claire is a a beautiful, compassionate, wise, sassy, bright, intelligent and incisive TV Coach with a vast experience and knowledge. She makes herself utterly available to her clients and prepares you to be on TV. Being in the media is an artform and Claire can guide you and support you to understand how to be in this world from preparing and researching to speaking with clarity and diction and looking and being the part. As an authentic, generous and committed person she wants and wishes you to do well and she knows what works. Her informative loving guidance takes you on a journey to "being out there" in the world with depth, maturity and integrity. If you listen to Claire you cannot go far wrong, she knows what you need to know about TV and is the ultimate TV Guru! She is the best and I cannot recommend her enough!"

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

findaTVexpert: from strength to strength

I had the idea for findaTVexpert in July 2007, having spent 15 years making and developing TV programmes and looking for experts and new talent. I'd never set up a business before, so I approached it like a TV series: come up with the idea, figure out what's unique/different about it, research it, develop it, work extremely hard to get it off the ground and then launch it. And like a TV series, it's incredibly exciting to watch it grow and do what it set out to do: give experts who want to be considered for TV&Media opportunities an easy way to promote themselves to the industry - and members of the media (primarily TV but also radio and press) a fast and easy way to find an expert to comment on a subject or be part of a show. Below are some of the latest experts who have been found on findaTVexpert and approached by TV productions companies, journalists or radio producer and booked for interviews, screentests of other media opportunities. (Unfortunately I can't tell you which TV production companies and/or members of the media have contacted these experts, because they wouldn't like their competitors to know what they're working on.)

1. Cate M, Love Coach
2. Amana W, Coach:find your personal X factor and stand out
3. Alexandra J, Science, Technology and Environment
4. Vena R, Kama Sutra, Tantric Sex and Romance Expert
5. Sarah N, Youth Expert, Family Peacemaker and Parent Coach
6. Rachel B, Engineering, Science and Technology
7. Lindsay E, Garden Designer
8. Paul B, Pest Control: Rats, Wasps, Pigeons, etc
9. George HB, Finance, Management, Internal Audit, Risk Mgmt
10. Diana M, Etiquette Expert & Dress Doctor
11. Katie E, Sociologist: Biblical images in ads & pop culture
12. Lady Lesley C, Aristocratic Tamer: Horses, Cattle & Kids
13. Sian A, Lady Builder, Interior Designer, Landlord, Stepmum
14. Henry P, Buying & Selling Property
15. Phill W, Hands on Restoration & Sustainable Building
16. Rob H, Practising GP, TV&Radio Dr & Medical Commentator
17. Sarah M, Molecular Scientist: the human body
18. Nadine H, Jugglista, Life- Work Balance, Time Management
19. Caroline T, Gardens: designer, writer & broadcaster:
20. Shaun A, Ex Convict, Author, Public Speaker
21. Jane P, Beer & Food Matching Expert + Beer Historian
22. Audrey D, Food Scientist, Nutritionist and Omega 3Expert
23. Steve B, Pop Up Businesses in Shopping Centres & Retail
24. Abigael S, Doctor of Clinical Psychology

If you'd like to get on the TV industry's radar, do what these experts have done and register on