Thursday, November 26, 2009

The importance of experts on British TV

I've been asked to do a presentation to Chinese TV Executives in December about the importance and variety of experts on British TV - because that's what makes British TV unique.

Think about it.

Food, property & parenting shows; science, art & history shows; business & finance shows; health, fitness & education shows; animal, wildlife & natural history shows; news & breakfast TV shows; and even programmes on how to clean your house and tame teenage mums all have once thing in common: experts. Find the right one and combine it with a great format and you’ve got a TV hit on your hands.

Dragon’s Den, Grand Designs, Supernanny, the Antiques Roadshow, Changing Rooms, Ready Steady Cook, Would Like to Meet, Hairy Bikers, You Are What You Eat, The Choir, Ladette to Lady and The Apprentice all needed experts when they were devised -and so will many future shows.

Because successful, factual programmes need passionate and inspiring experts. And in Britain, they can come from everywhere and anywhere.

And that's what makes British TV unique.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Great start to the week

I've just heard that one of the experts on findaTVexpert - medical historial Mike Edwards - was found on findaTVexpert and booked to do some filming for a new BBC series. What a great start to the week! And here's hoping that another expert who was found on findaTVexpert and screentested for a new business series, makes the shortlist (he should find out this week.)

TV Tip #2

People often ask me what they should wear for a TV interview, screentest, etc. The best piece of advice I can give is this: switch on the TV and look at what other experts and presenters are wearing. What looks good and what doesn't? When there are several expert guests taking part in a studio interview, who stands out and why? On the whole though, keep the following in mind:

1. avoid black (very few people actually look good in black), stripes and dots.
2. cameras really do add 10lbs so choose clothes with neat, streamline cuts
3. think of colours that bring you to life and cuts that flatter your figure. Blocks of colour always look good.
4. avoid bulky fabrics and anything that's too fussy
5. remember that it can get very hot under studio lights so don't wear anything that's going to make you sweat

Don't forget the importance of hair & make-up - and remember to smile!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Getting on the TV industry's radar & the Media's map

In the past few weeks I've had meetings with Reef TV, Twenty Twenty, FIVE, Talkback Thames and Shiver Productions and have got meetings with Mentorn and etv lined up this week. Some experts receive phone calls as a result of these meetings, other receive phone calls because they're spotted in my weekly updates (see copies here) and many are found when researchers, journalists & producers search the site for specific areas of expertise. Below are some of the most recent experts who have been found on findaTVexpert - and who are now on the TV industry's radar and the media's map.

1. Psychologist & Business Stress Expert: Sue's been contacted by CBBC re possible involvement in a future programme.
2. Consultant Clinical & Forensic Psychologist: Kirsty was interviewed for 'Live From Studio Five' re a girl gang that attacked a stranger in the street.
3. Historian - Stuarts, Marx, Witchcraft: John's just finished 8 days of filming for Living TV's 'Most Haunted Live'. John's also in discussions with Lime Pictures.
4. Leading UK Personal Trainer: Kim's been contacted by a freelance journalist for an article re how to be more confident for Essentials magazine (on sale Jan 2010)
5. Gardens - designer, writer and broadcaster: Caroline's been contacted by Tern TV to discuss a gardening programme idea.
6. Social Anthropologist & Flirtologist: Jean's doing some filming for OhTV.
7. Paranormal Experiences, Angels & Afterlife: Jacky was interviewed by The Western Mail (Wales) re her garden angels.
8. Journalist - technology & small business: Guy's also had a meeting with OhTV.
9. Historical Novelist - 17thC: Fiona was approached by VpointTV to present a programme for the BBC.
10. The Stress Doctor: Terri was contacted by BBC Radio Scotland and did an interview re stress at work.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

findaTVexpert teams up with Talent TV to provide a new service for experts

findaTVexpert is delighted to announce that it has teamed up with Jonathan Glazier, Director of Entertainment at Talent TV (an independent television production company) to provide a new service for experts: short & succinct video pitches that can be embedded into the experts’ profile page and used to help sell themselves to the TV industry.

"The TV industry wants to know what experts look and sound like on camera. But they don’t want four minutes of random, homemade clips. They want short, well shot, well lit and well produced video pitches – and Jonathan can provide that. He’s got 25 years experience in the TV business and knows what the industry wants to see and hear, which is why I’m thrilled we’ve teamed up to offer the experts this service”, says founder of, Claire Richmond.

Experts who want to take advantage of the service - and increase their chances of getting noticed by the TV industry - email their written pitches to Jonathan, who casts his editorial eye over them to make sure they’re TV relevant and provides suggestions if they’re not. A filming date is then set up at the Talent TV offices in London and Jonathan, who used to be a producer & director, films the 30-60 seconds video pitches which are then be embedded into the expert’s findaTVexpert profile page.

”Online videos are essential for anyone who has - or wants - an internet presence: from experts who are pitching themselves to the TV industry to businesses who want short narrative programmes or infommercials for their customers. So much so that Talent TV has set up a new division called Talent Digital to cater for this exploding market,” says Glazier. “And we’re delighted that findaTVexpert is one of our first customers because we understand their business. We often look for experts on findaTVexpert and know how beneficial these short videos will be to researchers, producers and execs like myself,” adds Glazier.

”findaTVexpert already works with Alfi Media to provide media training for experts. Video pitches are the next step up TV ladder for the experts – and a natural progression for the business,” added Richmond.

For more information, email or Jonathan at

Monday, November 2, 2009

Unique Christmas Present: the chance to be a TV star

Forget sweaters, socks, perfume and aftershave this Christmas. Surprise your partner with a present that could change their life: a year’s membership on

”The TV industry is always on the lookout for new talent,” says founder and ex-TV producer Claire Richmond. “So if your partner is an expert in their field of business and oozes confidence, personality, energy and charisma, give them a present with a difference this year: the chance to catch the eye of a TV commissioner or Development Producer. The chance to be a TV star.” is an online database of experts to which TV&Media companies turn when they’re looking for experts to comment on a subject or when they’re brainstorming ideas for a new show.

It was set up by ex TV producer Claire Richmond because as a TV insider she knew this was a service the experts wanted and the industry needed. And she was right. Members of the media are registering to search the site and experts are being found and booked for TV, Radio & Press interviews, screentests, TV pilots and other media opportunities.

Membership costs £100 per year - plus a one off £50 joining fee - and includes consultancy advice from a TV professional who can help your partner create a profile that’s tailored to the TV industry; the chance to be featured in newsletters that get sent out to over 1500 researchers, development producers, commissioners and heads of factual programming each week (plus radio producers and journalists) and ongoing PR & Marketing.

And as its Christmas, all the experts who are given a year’s membership on as a Christmas present will also receive a surprise gift in the post.

You know they’re worth it!