Monday, November 9, 2009

Getting on the TV industry's radar & the Media's map

In the past few weeks I've had meetings with Reef TV, Twenty Twenty, FIVE, Talkback Thames and Shiver Productions and have got meetings with Mentorn and etv lined up this week. Some experts receive phone calls as a result of these meetings, other receive phone calls because they're spotted in my weekly updates (see copies here) and many are found when researchers, journalists & producers search the site for specific areas of expertise. Below are some of the most recent experts who have been found on findaTVexpert - and who are now on the TV industry's radar and the media's map.

1. Psychologist & Business Stress Expert: Sue's been contacted by CBBC re possible involvement in a future programme.
2. Consultant Clinical & Forensic Psychologist: Kirsty was interviewed for 'Live From Studio Five' re a girl gang that attacked a stranger in the street.
3. Historian - Stuarts, Marx, Witchcraft: John's just finished 8 days of filming for Living TV's 'Most Haunted Live'. John's also in discussions with Lime Pictures.
4. Leading UK Personal Trainer: Kim's been contacted by a freelance journalist for an article re how to be more confident for Essentials magazine (on sale Jan 2010)
5. Gardens - designer, writer and broadcaster: Caroline's been contacted by Tern TV to discuss a gardening programme idea.
6. Social Anthropologist & Flirtologist: Jean's doing some filming for OhTV.
7. Paranormal Experiences, Angels & Afterlife: Jacky was interviewed by The Western Mail (Wales) re her garden angels.
8. Journalist - technology & small business: Guy's also had a meeting with OhTV.
9. Historical Novelist - 17thC: Fiona was approached by VpointTV to present a programme for the BBC.
10. The Stress Doctor: Terri was contacted by BBC Radio Scotland and did an interview re stress at work.

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Jeremy Jacobs said...

Looks as though you're keeping busy Claire. When you have your meetings do they tend to be with producers or Head's of development?