Thursday, November 26, 2009

The importance of experts on British TV

I've been asked to do a presentation to Chinese TV Executives in December about the importance and variety of experts on British TV - because that's what makes British TV unique.

Think about it.

Food, property & parenting shows; science, art & history shows; business & finance shows; health, fitness & education shows; animal, wildlife & natural history shows; news & breakfast TV shows; and even programmes on how to clean your house and tame teenage mums all have once thing in common: experts. Find the right one and combine it with a great format and you’ve got a TV hit on your hands.

Dragon’s Den, Grand Designs, Supernanny, the Antiques Roadshow, Changing Rooms, Ready Steady Cook, Would Like to Meet, Hairy Bikers, You Are What You Eat, The Choir, Ladette to Lady and The Apprentice all needed experts when they were devised -and so will many future shows.

Because successful, factual programmes need passionate and inspiring experts. And in Britain, they can come from everywhere and anywhere.

And that's what makes British TV unique.

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