Wednesday, October 23, 2013

TV Tip

The TV industry's always on the hunt for experts, ideas and inspiration.  Where you work could provide them with that. So think of what you have access to.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Media Training

Click on the video below for tips on how to come across well in your live TV interview, so that you get booked again ... and again ... and again!

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Highlights from the TV World

If you want to be a TV Expert, the more you know what's happening in the market you're promoting yourself to - ie the TV industry - the better.

Here are my highlights from the most recent issue of Broadcast magazine  (31/05/13):

1) BBC2 "has commissioned Outline Productions to make 6x30-minutes series Tom Kerridge's Proper Pub Grub which will be fronted by the two-time Michelin-starred chef. He will reveal how to cook the best pub food using the receipes from his own drinking establishment, The Hand & Flowers in Marlow."

2). In a Comment Piece, Broadcaster Roger Bolton believes that religious content that poses the big questions "will always attract an audience." Because they can "create spaces where everyone can reflect on the meaning on life", whether or not you're a believer.

3. LA is becoming a 'hot destination for UK factual indies', according to Zig Zag Production's international TV exec, Leila Monks. The US market knows what it wants and makes decisions quickly. And "since US factual is still very much focused on characters ... do not pitch anything without tape. Nothing beats showing a 60-seconds sizzle that will blow their socks off."

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

BBC Academy's Expert Women's Day in Scotland

The BBC Academy - in conjunction with BBC Scotland - is holding a free introduction to the world of broadcasting on Wednesday, 28th of August, to help recognised female experts feel comfortable appearing on television, radio and online as contributors or presenters.

They are looking for female experts with recognised expertise in the following key subject areas:

Cultural Commentary – is your expertise in popular entertainment, the arts or in areas like social policy or national identity?

History – The First World War or modern Britain, which period are you passionate about? Are you an academic, custodian, auctioneer or museum curator?

Art History & Curating – whether in an art school, gallery, museum, sale room, historic house or the street – is your enthusiasm for art infectious?

Natural History – have you got a wealth of knowledge, gained in a university, museum, national park or field centre, and a talent for talking about flora and fauna?

Sport – as a pundit, player, administrator or coach?

Political Analysis – in the academic or private sector, for example as an analyst or consultant?

GPs and Medicine – are you a medical practitioner and/or a leader in primary, secondary or tertiary care?

Science – do you have expertise in a subject – from maths to forensics or biology - recognised in the academic, research or commercial world?

The closing date for applications is 11.59pm Tuesday 25th June 2013.

Please only apply if you are able to be in BBC Scotland, Pacific Quay, Glasgow G51 1DA on Wednesday 28th August 2013.

For information on how to apply, go to

Friday, May 24, 2013

TV Highlights

If you want to be a TV Expert, you have to know and understand what's happening in the market you're promoting yourself to - ie the TV industry.

Here are my highlights from this week's issue of Broadcast magazine:

1) BBC2 drama The Fall won the 9pm slot with 3.3million viewers.
2) BBC news chief vows to increase the number of female broadcasters.
3) Channel 4 has a new 6x60-minute series with Hollywood interior designer Martyn Lawrence called Hollywood M, which is designed to 'inject some US glamour into British Homes' and 'offer some much-needed La La Land sunshine.'
4) ITV has ordered a revival of 'Through the Keyhole' with Keith Lemon poking around celebrity homes.
5) Dr Christian Jessen is heading to Australia for 8x60 minutes of Embarrassing Bodies Down Under.

Friday, May 10, 2013

TV Tip: Get Noticed

If the TV industry doesn't know you exist, you won't get a phone call or be considered for interviews and other opportunities. In this short video I highlight a few things that will help you catch the eye of a TV producer. For more TV Tips and insight, come along to one of findaTVexpert's free, online seminar. Click here for dates and details.

TV Tip: Preparing for a Live TV Interview

If you're booked for a live TV interview, you want to come across well so you get booked again. This video will give you a few tips.  For more TV Tips and insight, come along to one of findaTVexpert's free, online seminar. Click here for dates and details.

TV Tip: Be ProActive

Being pro-active is good. But sending your CV and showreel to over 1000 TV Production Companies in the UK is a waste of time.  Watch the video to find out how to be SUCCESSFULLY pro-active.  For more TV Tips and insight, come along to one of findaTVexpert's free, online seminar. Click here for dates and details.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Testimonial: Be Pro-Active. It works!

I am a mathematician, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sheffield.

You might think that mathematical breakthroughs don't hit the news very often, but earlier this year a new prime number was discovered, the biggest ever with around 13 million digits! This appeared on a few online news sites but I thought it deserved TV or radio coverage, with a mathematician talking about it, ie me. I asked Claire (TV producer and founder of, and she said I should definitely BE PROACTIVE. She advised me to write to the Today programme, BBC news, Sky news, and Woman's Hour. She said to keep it short, say why I thought it would interest their audience, and include a link to my Find a TV Expert profile.

I sent these off at about 10pm on a Thursday evening. I got a call from Sky News at lunchtime the next day and half an hour later I was on my way to a live interview on the evening news! Fired up by how well this went, I did it again two weeks later when I heard an item on Today about under-achievement of British children at maths. I sent my email to the same four places, and Sky News responded again: this time within an hour, and I was booked for a live interview on the lunchtime news. My third attempt was when a report was published saying only 6% of UK maths professors are female. This time it was Woman's Hour who responded, and I was interviewed on the programme this week.

That makes a three out of three hit rate I've had by following Claire's advice to be proactive! And you don't have to be Einstein to work out that's 100%... The producers at Sky News and Woman's Hour have said how pleased they are that I contacted them, and that they're keen to have back. So I think the message is clear: be proactive - it works!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Free BBC Media Training Day for Female Experts in the North

findaTVexpert is helping the BBC Academy search for female experts who want to take part in television and radio programmes that are made in the North of England.

The BBC Academy in conjunction with BBC North is holding a FREE training day for women with particular expertise who are interested in appearing on television, on radio and online as contributors or presenters.

This is the culmination of a season of BBC North events designed to support the development of on-air talent. This event helps boost the representation of women in the media and follows on from Expert Women’s Day events held by the BBC Academy in London.

Do you have industry-recognised expertise in any of the following areas?

Politics, Economics and Business
Science, in particular Medical Science, Space Science and Pure Science;
Gadgets and Consumer Technology
Crime and Security

If you do, and you can be in MediaCityUK, Salford, on Wednesday May 1 2013 – then the BBC wants to hear from you.

This free day is being held to help boost the representation of women in the media in these particular areas of specialty.

For more information and how to apply - follow the link to the BBC Academy website:

NB The deadline for applications is the 7th of April. (It was originally the 31st of March but it's been extended to allow for the Easter Break.) 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Female Builder & International Rugby Player found on

Female Builder & International Rugby Player Philippa Tuttiett was found on and signed up to present DIY Tips with Philippa for UKTV's online site. And she's now writing a book to accompany the series.


Monday, March 18, 2013

New website gets the thumbs up from the TV industry

Can I just say that your website revamp is completely splendid - the layout and functionality should be held up as an example of how to all website creators. I'm currently looking at drink historian Jayne Peyton for a UKTV project I'm developing, and I think I'll be on the site for hours!!"
John FitzGerald, MD - Meerkat Productions