Wednesday, May 29, 2013

BBC Academy's Expert Women's Day in Scotland

The BBC Academy - in conjunction with BBC Scotland - is holding a free introduction to the world of broadcasting on Wednesday, 28th of August, to help recognised female experts feel comfortable appearing on television, radio and online as contributors or presenters.

They are looking for female experts with recognised expertise in the following key subject areas:

Cultural Commentary – is your expertise in popular entertainment, the arts or in areas like social policy or national identity?

History – The First World War or modern Britain, which period are you passionate about? Are you an academic, custodian, auctioneer or museum curator?

Art History & Curating – whether in an art school, gallery, museum, sale room, historic house or the street – is your enthusiasm for art infectious?

Natural History – have you got a wealth of knowledge, gained in a university, museum, national park or field centre, and a talent for talking about flora and fauna?

Sport – as a pundit, player, administrator or coach?

Political Analysis – in the academic or private sector, for example as an analyst or consultant?

GPs and Medicine – are you a medical practitioner and/or a leader in primary, secondary or tertiary care?

Science – do you have expertise in a subject – from maths to forensics or biology - recognised in the academic, research or commercial world?

The closing date for applications is 11.59pm Tuesday 25th June 2013.

Please only apply if you are able to be in BBC Scotland, Pacific Quay, Glasgow G51 1DA on Wednesday 28th August 2013.

For information on how to apply, go to

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