Thursday, March 29, 2012

TV Training for New TV Experts

I wrote a comment piece for Broadcast magazine recently regarding the importance of briefing experts before they're live on TV. It was in response to Broadcast's campaign to get more female experts on TV.

If you read the article - click here - you'll see that I made a committment to offer free, online How to Shine on TV seminars for new experts. And I've kept it.

So in addition to the already popular 'Could you be a TV Expert' seminars, I'm now presenting 'How to Shine on TV' seminars and 'Understanding the TV Programme Making Process' seminars.

I'll be doing one of each every month - and I've just confirmed the April dates.

For more information and to reserve your free place, click here.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

More Female Experts on TV

Broadcast magazine is the TV industry's bible. It comes out every Thursday and everyone who's anyone in TV reads it. I've been trying to get into Broadcast ever since I set up findaTVexpert in 2008 because it provides such great exposure for the business - which benefits all the experts on it.

But as I'm not a TV production company or a channel, it's not easy. So I've had a couple of mentions, but nothing major. However, Broadcast launched a campaign to get more female experts on TV in February and I've been in touch with the deputy news editor ever since.

We finally met up last Friday and she asked me if I'd like to write a 500 word opinion piece for today's issue. I jumped at the opportunity and, as a result, I'm in today's print and online issue.

Click here to read the article.

Most articles can only be read if you're a subscriber but mine is 'free' and with any luck it will be read by thousands of key decision makers within the TV industry, which will put findaTVexpert even more firmly on the map.

So this is a great day for me (because I've been trying to get coverage in Broadcast for so long), for the business - and for you all the experts on findaTVexpert (male and female!)