Monday, September 3, 2012

Free, online TV Expert training seminars

As part of my commitment to help get new faces on TV, I run three seminars for experts who are interested in being considered for TV opportunities:

1) Could you be a TV Expert & How to Catch the Eye of a TV Producer
2) How to Shine on TV (so that you get booked again)
3) U
nderstanding the TV Programme Making Process.

The seminars are held every month. They're free, they're an hour long and they're online. All you need is the time, a computer (so you can see the slides) and a headset with a microphone - or a standard phone. But places are limited (12 max p/seminar) and must be booked in advance.
So if you want to understand the TV programme making process, find out how to catch the eye of a TV producer and learn how to shine on TV, book your ticket now.

For more information/to book your ticket, go to and keep an eye out on twitter @findatvexpert and facebook for future dates.

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