Monday, September 24, 2012

TV Tip: The Make or Break Phone Call

When production companies are on the hunt for experts - for last minute studio interviews or ongoing development projects - they'll put together a list of potential experts and start making calls. How you come across in that phone call will determine whether or not you go through to the next 'phase'.

Think of it as your first interview.  It's as simple as that. They've clearly read your details somewhere (on findaTVexpert, on your website, on google, etc) and it's now down to your personality.

So as soon as you know that it's a TV production company on the end of the line, lose your formal, 'telephone' voice. Put a smile in your voice and answer the questions as succinctly, passionately and enthusiastically as you can.

And if they've caught you at a really bad time, let them know in the nicest way possible. Then take a phone number and agree when to call them back.  That phone call could get you on TV. So make it work for you.

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