Tuesday, January 17, 2012

TV Experts: the industry has to know you exist

If you want to be considered for TV & Media opportunities, TV & Radio producers, journalists and PRs have to know you exist. It's as simple as that. If they don't know you exist, you won't get a call. So the more ways they can read about you, hear you and find you, the better.

Being on findaTVexpert.com is one of the ways to promote your expertise to the media. (To find out what else you can be doing, read my 10 Steps To Becoming a TV Expert here. )

Below is a list of some of the experts who have been found on findaTVexpert in the past few months and been contacted by members of the media (TV, Radio, Press & PR) regarding different TV & Media opporutunities.

Kerry D, Consultant Forensic Psychologist
Sophia C, Urban Lawyer, English Barrister, UnderCover Mother
Domonique B, Successpert: Getting the most out of your Life
Louise T, Skin & Beauty Therapist
Roger S, Property: Residential and Commercial Expert
Jessica R, Power of the Mind & Transformational Coach
David M, Gadgets and Technology Expert and Writer
Dr. Ellie C, NHS GP, Health Writer & Broadcaster
Dr. Anuradha A, Practising GP and Medical Journalist
Cate M, Love Coach
Monah M, GP, Medical Journalist, Cosmetic Doctor
Martin C, Neuroscientist + Public Science Presenter
Shaun A, Author, Public Speaker, Ex-Convict
Roy B, Art & Architecture
Amana W, Emotional Makeover Coach
Rowan B, Hands on Property Developer and Property Finder
James L, Scientist: health, biology + natural history
Matt R, Marine Biologist
Danielle C, Face Yoga Expert & Natural Anti-ageing Guru
Rebecca S, Psychologist, Dating Coach, Sex Therapist
Abigael S, Doctor of Clinical Psychology
Stuart G, Mortgage Expert & Adviser
Dr. Victoria G, Dr. of Counselling Psychology & Coach
Mandy K, Psychologist: Abusive Relationships, Dating
Tracy K, Influential & Opinionated Property Finder & Expert
Laura H, International Early Childcare Expert
Joanne R, Food Addiction, Eating Disorders, Spirituality
Dianne B, Age Management Specialist and Late Career Coach
Cat Y, Social Media for Business, Politics & Pleasure
Zoe & Carey, Get out of your Rut Experts
Caroline G, Speech, Voice & Confidence Teacher
Deborah J, Historian: Toys & Women Inventors
Karen G, Natural Skincare & Fragrance Expert + Retailer

If you're an expert and you want to increase your chances of catching the eye of a TV producer, do what other experts have done and register on findaTVexpert.com.

Click here to join now.

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