Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Experts: The TV Industry's on the Hunt for them

I've been busy meeting, networking & brainstorming on behalf of the experts on findaTVexpert with Channel 4; Boomerang Productions; the deputy editor of BBC News; the Deputy Director of Content at STV; The Exec Producer of The Only Way is Essex; and a lot of influential people at the BBC in Manchester including the Head of CBBC Productions, the Series Producer for Blue Peter, the Head of Current Affairs and a producer on The One Show. And more & more members of the media (TV plus radio & press) are hearing about findaTVexpert and registering to search the site for talent. As a result, more & more experts are being found on findaTVexpert and contacted regarding different media opportunities. These are some of them:

1. Lady Lesley C, Aristocratic Tamer: Horses, Cattle & Kids
2. James L, Scientist: Health, Biology & Natural History
3. Jules H, Naturalist & Wildlife Conservationist
4. Dyfed P, Interior Architect
5. Tracy K, Influential & Opinionated Property Finder & Expert
6. Steve H, Dog Behaviour Expert + Dog Expert Witness
7. Mandy K, Psychologist: Abusive Relationships, Dating
8. Jheni O, Science Journalist: Natural World & Sports Science
9. Emma C, Chartered Mechanical Engineer + Science
10. David M, Gadgets and Technology Expert and Writer
11. Karen G, Natural Skincare & Fragrance Expert + Retailer
12. Jo H, TV Psychologist: Behaviour, Relationships, Celebs
13. Abigael S, Doctor of Clinical Psychology
14. Marverine C, Beer Evangelist, Journalist, TV Presenter
15. Joanna R, Food Addiction, Eating Disorders, Spirituality
16. Pippa S, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist
17. Cate M, Love Coach
18. Kerry D, Consultant Forensic Psychologist
19. George H, Finance, Management, Internal Audit, Risk Mgmt
20. Danielle H, TV Presenter, Hypnotherapist, Phobia Expert
21. Andy J, Dating & Sex Expert + Adventure Journalist

For your chance to be spotted by a member of the media and booked for a screentest, expert comment in the press, etc, do what these experts have done and register on findaTVexpert.com.

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