Friday, July 2, 2010

10 Steps to Becoming a TV Expert: Step 9

Step 9: Be pro-active. Watch the programmes which feature experts like you, find who makes them (check the credits at the end for the name of the production company and the executive producer) and contact them directly. When I series produced Changing Rooms for the BBC (see my CV here) I was surprised at how few letters and showreels I received from interior designers who wanted to get on my radar and be considered for the programme. In three years I think I had less than 10. And most of the people who contacted me hadn't done Steps 1 & 2 - ie identified what made them stand out from the other designers and outlined why they'd be perfect for the show. So be pro-active. But do your homework first. And keep your email to the point: a 'pitch paragraph' and a photo.

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