Monday, July 26, 2010

findaTVexpert gets experts noticed by the TV industry

Becoming a TV Expert takes time, because getting shows commissioned also takes time. Commissioners are pitched hundreds of programme ideas each week and only a few tick the right boxes. But like everything in life, if you really want it, you have to keep plugging away at it. Because when it happens, it's worth it. So the more screentests you have, the more the industry hears and reads about you, the better. (Read my 10 Steps to Becoming a TV Expert here). And that's what findaTVexpert does: helps you get on the TV industry's radar and raise your profile. Here are some of the latest experts who have been found on findaTVexpert and contacted re different TV&Media opportunities.

1. Lesley C: Aristocratic Tamer (Horses, Cattle & Kids). Screentested by Raise the Roof Productions and contacted by a literary agent re a book idea.

2. Abigael S: Doctor of Clinical Psychology. Assessed contributors for C4’s The Sex Education Show (and received an onscreen credit for her work) and is currently working with Endemol on contributor assessments for Supersize Superskinny. Also interviewed by Cosmo for a piece about sexual confidence.

3. Elinor O & Isobel B: Contemporary Art and Art Investment Experts. Contacted by Lucky Day Productions re a possible series.

4. Roy B: Art & Architecture. Also contacted by Lucky Day Productions.

5. Naomi R: Life Coach for Children (Self Esteem, Divorce, etc.) Contacted by Garden Productions re a documentary.

6. Andrew W: Fatherhood and Modern Parenting. Screentestd by a Canadian production company re a series for Canada & North America. And contacted by a PR company re a commercial tie up/media campaign.

7. Mike E: Medical Historian, War Wounds & Trauma Surgeon. Contacted by Moving Mountains.

There are hundreds of hurdles to overcome between a screentest/exploratory chat and a commission. But it's the first step of the process.

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