Monday, April 13, 2009

Britain's Got (deluded) Talent - but is that a bad thing?

I absolutely loved the start of Britain's Got Talent on Saturday - what a great show. But I can't decide whether to admire the deluded talent or question their state of mind. Articles in newspapers and glossy magazines are always encouraging us to 'give it a go', 'break out of our comfort zones' and 'go after our dreams'. President Obama is a big fan of the 'Yes We Can' club and Nike believes we should 'Just Do It'.

But should we? Really? Even when all the odds are against us? Even when we want to break the record held for the number of Ferrero Rocher chocolates eaten in a minute knowing we can't manage more than 5? (The record's 7, by the way.) Or when we want to be the next Fred Astaire even though we can't lift our feet off the ground?

I wouldn't have the courage to do what some of the talent did on Saturday (and would like to think my friends and family would prevent me from getting anywhere near an audition) but here's to all the people out there who throw caution to the wind and go ahead regardless. Because they enjoy it and as a viewer, so do we!

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