Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Testimonial from Simon Warr

After successive years filming various TV series, including playing the Headmaster in Channel 4's 'That'll Teach 'Em', in 2008 my phone suddenly stopped ringing. 'Had I outstayed my welcome?' I wondered. A friend of mine, who works for an independent TV company, told me that without an agent there were bound to be dips in my media career and she told me that in the circumstances, the best way forward was to contact a company called findaTVexpert, which is regularly used by both TV and radio researchers. I've not looked back. Since signing up to findaTVexpert (for a very modest charge), I have been inundated with offers of work. I am a regular on both Radio 2 and 5, on Talksport and have appeared on BBC Breakfast, Daybreak and Big Brother's Little Brother. I now cover local sport for BBC in the East. This very week, I have been asked by a well known teenage magazine to write an article about exam revision. I cannot thank Claire Richmond and her team enough. If you are talented in your own particular field, then I strongly recommend you contact findaTVexpert.

Simon Warr, M.A.

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