Monday, June 6, 2011

Need an expert? Find one on findaTVexpert.

People often ask me what the industry's on the hunt for. As you can see from the experts who have been found on findaTVexpert recently - and contacted by TV, Radio, Press & PR companies to comment on a subject or be screentested for a new series - the areas of expertise are incredibly varied.

Experts contacted by TV companies recently:
Stephanie M, Nutritionist + Food Therapist
Sian A, Lady Builder, Interior Designer, Landlord, Stepmum
Sarah M, Molecular Scientist: the human body
George J, Antiques Expert, Presenter, Writer, Consultant
Rob R, Cotswold Chef & Food Campaigner
Antonia PT, Haute Couture Designer
Maya P, Marine Biologist and Educator
Becky S, Psychologist, Dating Coach, Sex Therapist
Wendy S, Business Psychologist
Keren S, Relationship Expert, Mid Life Guru, Agony Aunt
Mike E, Medical Historian, War Wounds & Trauma Surgeon
Andrew W, Fatherhood and Modern Parenting

Experts Contacted by Radio, Press & PR Companies recently:
Abigael S, Doctor of Clinical Psychology
Sue A, Parenting Expert and Author
Jules S, The Colour Counsellor - How NOT to Wear Black!
Craig H, Classical Historian
Vena R, Kama Sutra, Tantric Sex and Romance Expert

To increase your chances of being contacted by TV production companies - and other media - do what these experts have done and join the team of experts on

Register now and get on the site, in my newsletter to the industry (mainly TV but also radio, press & PR - see copies here) and in my little black book which I take to all my one-to-one meetings with TV development producers, creative directors, commissioners and more.

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