Monday, December 13, 2010

TV Companies on the Hunt for Talent

I spent a lot of time last month discussing a wide range of experts with Channel 4, Steadfast TV, Fremantle Media, Princess Productions, Liberty Bell and a freelance development producer who's on the hunt for experts based in Scotland. And in the past few weeks more Heads of Development, Creative Directors, Casting Producers, Series Producers, Assistant Producers and Researchers from RDF, Lime Pictures, Daisybeck, Isis Media, Fever Media, Dragonfly TV, Two Four, Studio Lambert, the BBC and ITV have registered to search the site. Plus freelance journalists and a reporter from The Scotsman.

The industry's definitely on the hunt for talent. And the good news is that they're finding it on findaTVexpert. Here are some of the latest experts who've been booked for TV appearances, screentests and media interviews.

1. Lady Lesley C, Aristocratic Tamer: Horses, Cattle & Kids

2. Sian A, Lady Builder, Interior Designer & Landlord

3. Vena R, Kama Sutra, Tantric Sex and Romance Expert

4. Stephanie M, Nutritionist + Food Therapist

5. Anna G, Happy Working Parents = Productive Employees

6. Lexi P, Dating Guru and Matchmaker

7. Dr. Victoria G, Doctor of Counselling Psychology & Life-Coach

8. Madam Becky, Ex Madam, Author & Speaker on UK Prostitution

9. Susie P, Get happy, change your life & get on track fast

10. Simon W, Teacher + Youth, Familial & Social Issues

I don't want to blow my own trumpet but it's Christmas, so I will: findaTVexpert is a great service. And from a personal point of view, knowing that something I set up is helping experts achieve their goals is a great feeling.

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