Thursday, May 6, 2010

More experts being found on findaTVexpert

People often ask me what kind of experts the industry (TV, Radio & Press) is looking for. The answer's quite simple: all kinds of experts. And the good news is that more and more members of the media are finding them on findaTVexpert, as you can see from the latest success stories below:

1. Janet T - Tapping for Weight Loss, Anxiety, Depression, etc: has been signed up for a new Channel 4 series. Details tba.

2. Ceril C - Red Carpet Style, Celeb Lingerie Secrets, Dating: is guest presenting on QVC from May 14th.

3. Nadine H - Time Investment Expert, Time Management, Jugglista: is in talks with a PR company re a media campaign they're running.

4. Naomi R- Life Coach for Children: Self Esteem, Divorce, etc: has been put forward by Maverick TV for a programme they're developing.

5. Audrey D - Food Scientist, Nutritionist and Omega 3 Expert: provided expert comment for the Daily Mirror and Men's Health magazine and is in discussions with a PR agency re a media campaign they're planning.

6. Stephen M - Explosives & Bomb Expert - ex MoD: is involved in a documentary series that Lion TV is making for the BBC.

7. Dr Abigael S- Doctor of Clinical Psychology: was interviewed by BBC Radio Humberside and Lincolnshire re depression and by Grazia re Cheryl Cole and why she's reluctant to open up about her feelings.

8. Julie C - Evolutionary Social Psychologist: was booked as the expert for the Eden Project's 'The Big Lunch' media campaign, which is a UK-wide incentive to get neighbours talking. Also interviewed by BBC Radio West Midlands re what ring tones say about you.

9. Amana W - Coach-find your personal 'X' factor,and stand out: was contacted by Men's Fitness re an article and by Summer Films re a project they're developing.

10. Deborah J - Historian: Toys & Women Inventors: is in discussions re a pitch to The One Show about British female inventors.

11. Tim B - Physique Specialist: was contacted by Love Productions re a programme they're pitching to Channel 4.

12. Chi C - Science & Technology: was contacted by Shine TV who are interested in casting her in a new CBBC show.

13. Jacky N - Paranormal Experiences, Angels & Afterlife: was booked to do the media promotion (radio, TV & print) for the DVD release of the 'Lovely Bones' film.

14. Debi B - 'Get what you want' Coach / Expert: was also asked to do a piece for Mens Fitness and has a programme in development with a broadcaster. All hush hush for now.

15. Jane W - Life Change Expert: was interviewed for the April issue of Health & Fitness.

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