Thursday, December 17, 2009

Success stories: experts being seen, heard and read about!

TV&Media companies find experts for their shows and articles in lots of different ways: via google, University websites, TV agents, associations, word of mouth, contacts - and findaTVexpert of course! Here are some of the latest success stories.

Mike - Medical Historian, War Wounds & Trauma Surgeon: has just done some filming with Cloud One productions for a new BBC series called History of the World.
Deborah - Historian, Toys & Women Inventors: contacted by Lion TV re a new series and in discussions with enteraction TV re a history series.
Craig - Classical Historian: also in discussion with enteraction TV re a history series.
Hannah - Expat Money Expert: interviewed by BBC Radio Wales re the financial issues that have to be taken into account when retiring to the sunshine.
Jonathan - Freesourcing, How to start a business with no money: congratulations to Jonathan for making the final shortlist of a new BBC Business series. And commisserations for being pipped to the post.
Sue - Armchair to action, get out of your comfort zone: being featured in Essentials magazine in February.
Graham - Dog Trainer, the man who speaks dog: has been approached by TwoFour productions re a project and was on Talksport Radio.
Gina - private investigator: interviewed for TalkSport re private investigations in the workplace and in relationships.
David - vocal coach: has just done some filming for a new Biography Channel series which will TX in January. And still in discussions with Love Productions.
Bill - food critic, writer, broadcaster: contacted by Five News to be interviewed re making Christmas dinner on the cheap (but he was on holiday in the Philippines!)
Kirsty - consultant clinical and forensic psychologist: has been contacted by BBC1's The Big Questions team to discuss appearing on the show.
Dr Pete - scientist & author: interviewed for TalkSport re the vaccination programmme for Swine Flu.
Tara - Wine Expert: Tara wrote a treatment for a programme idea which I thought ticked the right boxes, so I discussed it in several of my meetings with TV companies and enteraction TV are interested in developing it further, which is great news. It's only the beginning of a long process (which is why patience is a virtue!) but it's a start.
Debi - Power of Positivity: interviewed on STV re how to manage your bank balance over the festive season. And has been booked back for the 4th january to do a session on unwanted christmas gifts, which is great news.
Keren - Relationship Expert & Midlife Muddles Guru: interviewed by Essential magazine for the March issue.
Jackie - Financial Lifecoach: interviewed by Top Sante magazine for a Career & Finance article.
Maggy - Priest, Prosperity is your birthright: interviewed by TalkSport Radio re forgiveness after the case of two bullies who drove Rosimeiri Boxall to kill herself.
Simon - Teacher, Youth & Familial Issues: interviewed by TalkSport re the link between divorced parents and poor adolescent behaviour.

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