Thursday, October 8, 2009

Recent Success Stories

When I quit my job as a TV producer after 15 years in the industry to set up findaTVexpert last year, my aim was to help bridge the gap between the professionals and the programme makers. To give experts who want to be considered for TV&Media opportunities the chance to showcase their skills and passion to the industry. And it's working. Which makes it all worthwhile. Here are some of the recent success stories:

1. Classical Historian: Craig is filming another episode for BBC's Inside Out. (Craig has filmed several of these since being found on findaTVexpert last year).
2. Psychologist & Business Stress Expert: Sue's been screentested by Shine TV and is on the shortlist of experts for a new Virgin 1 series. Sue was also interviewed by BBC Radio Kent re good/bad children and is being featured in the 'Ask the Expert' column for Zest Magazine in Dec/Jan.
3. Confidence Coach: Sean is also on Shine TV's shortlist for the Virgin 1 series.
4. Consultant Clinical & Forensic Psychologist: Kirsty has been approached by TwoFour re a programme they're pitching to BBC3.
5. TV & Radio Youth Expert and Teen/Parent Coach: Sarah's done some work for The Broadcasters, a company that does mixed media PR campaigns for a variety of clients.
6. Singing Teacher & Vocal Coach: David's been approached by Daisybeck Productions re a makeover show for the Biography Channel.
7. The Family Communication Diva Duo: Lisa was featured in Essential Magazine in an article re how to talk to your parents.
8. Wedding Planner & Top Selling Bridal Author: Sarah was contacted by the Sunday Times for a feature on at-home marquee weddings.
9. Positive Psychology, Confidence & Change: Chris was featured in Bliss Magazine in an article re what makes someone a bad influence/how to stand up to someone who's a bad influence, etc.
10. Life Strategist & Psychic: Susie's been contacted by Flame TV re a new series they're developing.
11. Environmental Journalist & Radio Owner: Chantal was interviewed on BBC Radio Kent re the UK's energy consumption and possibility of power cuts by 2017.
12. Priest & Author: Robin was spotted in one of my recent updates to the industry and contacted by Flame TV.

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