Monday, March 16, 2009

Press Release: Get rid of your wallet & energy vampires on the 20th of March says

The official end of Winter on the 20/21 March (and the release of a mock horror film) encourages us to spring into action and get rid of the vampires that are draining our life, our finances and our wellbeing. Luckily there’s no need for crucifixes, stakes or cloves of garlic, just some practical advice from the experts on

Energy Vampires
Rid your life of energy vampires: people or things that get you down. List all the things you’re putting up with - from the shoe mayhem at the bottom of the wardrobe to selfish friends - and work out how to fix them.
Carole Ann Rice, findaTVexpert’s Lifecoach & Journalist

Beware the Wallet Vampires that are feeding off your finances
Supermarkets spend a small fortune studying ways to get more money out of us. But you can save up to £520 a year by simply making a shopping list to help you avoid those impulsive & unnecessary purchases.
Richard Fenton, findaTVexpert’s Debt Doctor

Check your bank statements for unknown Standing Orders or redundant Direct Debits.
Tom Craig, findaTVexpert’s Organised Crime and Identity Fraud Expert

Make a diary note 5 weeks before your car & home insurance is due and shop around for the best deal.
Jackie Dunn, findaTVexpert’s IFA & Financial Life Coach

Tackle the Mental Vampires head on
There is a small module in your brain called the reticular activating system (RAS). Your RAS scans information from your surroundings and compares it to what you’re giving a lot of attention to. It assumes anything you’re thinking about a lot is stuff you want more of. That’s why if you get up in the morning in a bad mood it’s easy to attract situations and people that make it worse, because the more think about it, the more your RAS draws that to you. So change the way you think. Focus on what you want and believe you can get it.
Jessica Robbins, findaTVexpert’s Transformational Coach

Once you’ve decided what you want, eliminate the phrase ‘I can’t’ from your vocabulary and find an ‘accountability partner’. Making that commitment and being held accountable will help you focus on the outcome.
Cheryl Goldenberg, findaTVexpert’s Transition Coach

This is especially important in tough economic times. We need to be around people, both professionally and personally, who have a positive sense of self and purpose. So identify 5 things you can be proud of - things people can admire either personally or professionally - and remind yourself of them on a daily basis.
Sean Brickell, findaTVexpert’s Confidence Coach

”The vampire analogy is just a bit of fun, but the truth is there are people, places and things all around us that sap our energy, our lives and our finances”, says findaTVexpert founder Claire Richmond. “Luckily they’re very easy to get rid of”, adds Richmond.

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