Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Proof is in the Pudding

November has been another great month for the experts on So I thought I'd share some of their success stories:

Laurie Wickwire - Diamond Grader & Jewellery Designer. Laurie was spotted by a TV agent and put forward as the in house diamond expert for QVC. And she found out yesterday that she got the job!
Patricia Davidson - Online Shopping expert. Patricia's been very busy since she joined findaTVexpert two weeks ago with interviews and appearances on BBCs Working Lunch, Vanessa Feltz' BBC London Radio programme, Chris Evans' Radio 2 programme and Radio 5 Live.
Holly & Shirley - Budget Lifestyle and Fashion Experts. Holly & Shirley were spotted by a features writer from The Sun - who registered to search the site a couple of weeks ago - and contacted about doing a feature on haggling/ bartering for typical Christmas presents in high street stores, a major department store, independent businesses and supermarkets, maybe even an car show room.
Gina Negus - Private Investigator. Gina did an interview/paper review on BBC London Radio.
Joe Craig - Children's Author. Joe did an interview/paper review on BBC London Radio.
Kim Ingleby - Fitness, Wellbeing, Performance, NLP. Kim tells me she's done two things which she's 'pretty sure' came through the site: she's got an article being published in the January issue of Bliss (teenage girls magazine) on fitness and wellbeing for teenage girls and she did a pre recorded VT for GMTV as their fitness expert for their Little Black Dress/Feeling Fabulous for the Festive Season item. If all goes well, she might be doing some more work for GMTV in the New Year - fingers crossed.
Valerie Munro - Horticulturist & Plant Doctor: Valerie was booked as the gardening Q&A expert for the Lesley Joseph/Christopher Biggins Sunday Show on Radio London - and there might be more shows in the pipeline.
Abigael San - Doctor of Clinical Psychology. Abigael was filmed for a Sky Real Lives programme which is coming out in January. It's called 'War on Fat' and explores the psychological reasons behind overeating. Abigael
was also interviewed for The London Paper about men who have difficulty committing to relationships and has got an article coming out in Bliss Magazine in March about why we mustn't let past events have undue influence over future behaviour.
Sue Firth - Psychologist, Stress & Behaviour Expert. Sue was booked for her third appearance on This Morning.
Dee Momi & Lizzie Edwards - personal shoppers & stylists - have caught the attention of a TV agent.
Mike Edwards - War Wounds Expert and Trauma surgeon. Mike has been contacted regarding a head shrinking item for a Channel 5/National Geographic programme about a tribe from the Amazon.

Diamond graders to head shrinking experts. That's what's so exciting about the media industry: its needs are varied, unexpected and totally unpredictable. One thing's for sure though: TV&Media companies are always looking for experts & inspiration, and now there's now an easy way to find them:! It does what it says on the tin - and the proof is in the pudding!

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