Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good News

I truly believe that focussing on bad new - banks going bust, share prices crashing, etc - only makes things worse. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. So to shift the focus, here's some GOOD news: www.findaTVexpert.com has been in business for 5 months and it's working! TV&Media companies are registering and searching the site for experts – from the BBC to Zig Zag Productions and all the main players in between including Endemol, Betty, Optomen, ITV, Five, Fresh One, Leopard, Lion, Maverick, Mentorn, RDF, Ricochet, Talkback Thames, Twenty Twenty, bSkyb, etc. As a result, experts are being ‘found’ and fulfilling their ambition of being on TV and increasing their media profile - and I've repaid my initial investment. What's more I've got a wonderful family and friends, I'm happy and healthy - and my singing's getting better each week!

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